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Summer Campaigns We Love!

It's time for a campaign roundup! 🔃

Here in the office, we've been discussing some of our favourite campaigns that we've spotted throughout the summer and had to share some of the ones we've been loving!

💄✨ Barbie Movie

Because it wouldn't be a marketing roundup without it! It's safe to say the entire globe has been blown away by the marketing strategy of the classic doll, with Mattel striking up brand deals with over 100 different companies (no doubt you've spotted some!). This, combined with the vintage Barbie outfits we saw on the red carpet from Margot Robbie, has made the Barbie campaign one of the most iconic of all time.

🎪🎾 Sky Sports

We absolutely love this television commercial for 'The Greatest Show on Earth', showcasing the fantastic summer of sport that so many have been enjoying this year. We're talking Christmas campaign style budget, plus Idris Elba - talk about a winning combo...

☀✈ British Airways

The airline has seen its marketing campaign take off (no pun intended) across social media due to its humourous and relatable content. Because who else is dying to escape this terrible British summer?!


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