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Method Dressing

If you've been keeping an eye on red carpets as of late, you may have noticed the recent trend of method dressing going viral across social media.

Whether it's new album concepts or upcoming film releases, Hollywood stars are taking to theming their public appearances to the project they are there to promote - and it's proving to filter through to the High Street too!

Left to Right: Beyonce promoting her album Renaissance at The Grammys, Zoe Kravitz promoting her role as Catwoman in The Batman, Halle Bailey at the premier of The Little Mermaid

The art of dressing can prove to be so powerful in giving a potential audience a feel for what they can expect from an upcoming release, with Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling proving the prime example for their movie, Barbie, coming this July.

The trend, dubbed 'Barbiecore', has taken over clothing and accessory collections for some of the most sought after brands, with hot pinks, sparkles, and holographic materials galore.

For marketing purposes, we're constantly on the look out to see how viral successes filter through to stores at our client's shopping centres, and love to include look-book style content across platforms (always a massive hit on TikTok!).


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